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The only impossible Journey is the one you don’t begin.

– Tony Robbins

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In the great upheavals of life we’re challenged beyond anything we’ve ever imagined. It’s then we understand we have a choice: to live the life we’ve always hoped for or remain mired in the one we have. Either way it’s hard work.

And, only one way is worth it.

Are you the same as a Divorce coach?
No. A Divorce Coach handles the logistics of your divorce, creating a plan for the actual process. While I can help with that, my aim is to foster emotional and psychological well-being.
What type of therapy do you practice?

I practice an eclectic mixture of therapies. These include evidence based Behavioral Therapies such as, REBT, CBT and DBT which help manage anxiety, depression, PTSD, for example. They specifically deal with an individual’s thoughts propelling their actions and emotions. I also practice Systemic Therapy in which individuals are viewed in the context of family and societal norms. These include, Solution Focus, Structural and Bowenian Therapies.

How long will it take until I feel whole again?

I wish I could answer that for you. Everyone is different as is their situation. Only you will be able to tell me that. It’s a process and it takes hard work. Remembering that nothing in life lasts forever– the pain, anger and/or sadness– does provide some relief. This is in your control. If I could wave a magic wand and throw fairy dust to make you feel better, I certainly would.

Do you work with the children of divorcing/divorced parents or the family as a whole?

Yes, I do. Each child experiences divorce in different ways. Much is determined by a) the parents’ ability to keep children out of the fray, b) the child’s age at the time of divorce and c) the child’s temperament. The job of every parent is to be the grownup. Sometimes we forget that.

Will you speak to my lawyer if I need you to?
Yes, provided you and your lawyer sign the proper confidentiality release.
Do you take insurance?

No. I will provide you with a receipt at the end of each month for you to send to your insurance provider.

How do I know if my insurance will cover your fee?
You will need to check with your insurance carrier.
Do you work on a sliding scale?
Yes. If you are having financial issues, we can certainly discuss my fee.

But, this dark place is not the end. Remember that the darkness of night precedes the dawn. And as long as your heart still beats, this is not the death of it. You don’t have to die here.

Sometimes, the ocean floor is only a stop on the journey. And it is when you are at this lowest point, that you are faced with a choice.

You can stay there at the bottom, until you drown. Or you can gather pearls and rise back up — stronger from the swim, and richer from the jewels.

– Yasmin Mogahed

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